Work With Me


Having clear thinking, energy and happiness every day.

Through changing what we eat, we can transform our whole world. With a healthier diet, our stress levels are reduced and our mood is happier.  This then flows onto our relationships and a new energy and vigor for life.

One of our goals at Gold Coast Health Coaching is to support our clients and give them the knowledge to choose what’s right for them and make it simple.

We will personalize a program that will improve your health and happiness.  Together, we can explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

During your program, you will:

  • Set and accomplish goals,
  • Explore new foods,
  • Understand and reduce cravings,
  • Increase energy,
  • Feel better in your body, and
  • Improve personal relationships

We are here to create a supportive environment and assist you to explore and transform your life.

At Gold Coast Health Coaching we provide the following services: face-to-face and online programs.

Face-to-face/Video call

Initial Health Coaching Consultation

  • 60 minute consultation
  • a detailed health questionnaire
  • health concerns and challenges
  • your health goals
  • Report and recommendations
  • Health Improvement Plan

Follow-up Health Coaching Consultation

  • 50 minute consultation
  • health counselling session
  • working through Health Improvement Plan
  • personal concerns specific to you
  • discussing tools to assist your journey


6 Weeks to Reducing Body Inflammation

This program addresses inflammation in the body caused by various health issues including autoimmune disease or any type of chronic illness and includes:

  • Weekly meal plans and recipes
  • A weekly video call
  • Various facebook live calls
  • A closed facebook group
  • Exercise recommendation
  • Lots of information on food and self-care
  • Guidance the whole way through