Cooking in winter time is definitely about warmth and satiate.

Most people feel more hungry due to the colder weather, and therefore tend to eat more to keep them feeling warmer and satisfied. This can lead to eating foods that are not in our best interest. We not only eat more in Winter but we also crave more.

So we need to work with vegetables that have great fibre which will then make you feel fuller and will reduce any sugar cravings.

Five vegetables that can assist you with satiate and keep those cravings at bay are:

1. Sweet potato are versatile, filling and packed with goodness. Great oven roasted, in curries, soups and salads.

2. Broccoli is a good carbohydrate that is high in fibre and aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar and due to its high fibre, curbs overeating. They can be boiled, steamed, cooked in casseroles and soups and you haven’t lived if you haven’t tried roasted broccoli. Delicious!

3. Tomatoes contain awesome amounts of antioxidants. They can be eaten raw and cooked, put into casseroles and soups and roasted.

4. Spinach is a rich source of vitamin K so great for strong bones. It also contains other minerals that assist with eye health and a strong immune system. Vitamin A in spinach also assists the body to repel various types of bacteria and viruses. Spinach is great raw or cooked and is great in a smoothie.

5. Zucchini is a versatile vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. It may offer several health benefits, ranging from improved digestion to a lower risk of heart disease.  It can be used roasted, boiled, steamed, in casseroles and soups.

These five vegetables can be used throughout winter cooking and are versatile. They are hearty when you make a soup or casserole and contain lots of fibre to fill you up and keep your blood sugars stable to stop those cravings.

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