Certain foods can spark inflammation in sensitive people and there are foods that can make any inflammation in the body worse.  Evidence is showing that inflammation is being recognised for its role in many diseases and the factors that cause it are being clearer. 

In rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – a number of foods can cause flare ups in some people and this unleashes joint swelling, warmth and tenderness.  The foods that cause this reaction can vary from person to person and it is not understood why this is the case; however, in 20-50 percent of people with RA, one or more foods make it worse.  

Some of the common offenders are:

  • dairy products 
  • corn
  • meat 
  • wheat
  • eggs 
  • citrus fruits

This doesn’t mean that all these foods are necessarily bad, but in some people these foods trigger joint pain.  The usual way to understand what foods are aggravating rheumatoid arthritis is to go on an “elimination diet”.  Stop eating all of the most frequent food triggers for a few weeks and see if any of them trigger symptoms.  Avoiding these trigger foods can reduce the inflammation in your body, and keeping your food portions within limits, will also assist, as overeating makes the inflammatory process more likely to occur.

If you are struggling with arthritis and are not sure where to start, I am here to help you.  I have personal experience with this painful disease.  You don’t have to struggle.  I can assist you to make the changes necessary for you to find your happy place again.

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