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Hi, I'm Lisa.

Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Issues Expert

I ask myself why I love what I do and want to help others. I have always been interested in researching ways to improve who we are through nutrition and lifestyle.

Diagnosed at 18 with multiple autoimmune diseases, I have spent my life educating and researching all the latest information to understand what I could do to assist my health through my food and lifestyle.  I have, like everyone diagnosed with chronic illness, had to take medication at different times to assist with calming symptoms, but I have never been on medication long term.  For me it was a tool I used to assist me to learn to understand my health and make the changes necessary to my food and lifestyle to enable me to take control and live the life I wanted.  I have come a long way over the last 30 years, and with my formal education, research and my own personal experiences, I am determined to assist others in their quest to be who they want to be and not defined by their illness.   

I have experienced first hand that food can become your medicine. Making the choice, to fuel your body with real food changes everything.  Of course exercise is also important to strengthen your body, and when you are eating the foods that work for you, suddenly you have energy to exercise.

Through understanding these areas, I have found, you can then deal with the many other areas of your life and take control. This is my goal for you!  

Current statistics show that Australia has one of the highest rates of chronic illness in the world.  Women are at the highest risk of autoimmune and chronic diseases and make up an estimated 75 percent of people living with these disorders. One of the areas that can assist you with reducing the inflammation caused by these issues is food.  Let me assist you to change how you are feeling and gain control of your body.

I have completed studies as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and hold a Bachelor of Sports Science and a Graduate Certificate in Development and Counselling. Through this study and my own 30 years of experience, I assist my clients to understand their body. I offer online and face-to-face programs and specialises in autoimmune and chronic disease nutrition coaching for women. I want to help you to heal your body through food.

It’s all too common. Let’s do this together!

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